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Wellness Exam and Vaccinations

This includes a physical exam of the body condition, eyes, ears, nose, lungs, heart, skin, teeth, and all other major areas concerning your pets health. is a great resource to explain what any veterinarian is looking for during a check-up. Dr. Kelly will also discuss the recommended vaccinations for your pet and its stage in life. For more information on vaccines and vaccination programs, please visit  


In-House Laboratory Diagnostics

We are capable of running diagnostic tests to help diagnose illnesses, screen patients prior to anesthesia to ensure a safe surgery, and help monitor previously diagnosed diseases and medication therapies . We can also test intraocular pressure to determine if your pet has glaucoma using our Tono Pen! ECGs and blood pressure monitoring allow us to determine cardiac anomalies and conditions. We also have an X-ray machine to view tumors, broken bones, and other internal conditions. We have recently upgraded our diagnostic machines and can now provide more results than before and at faster speeds.


Surgical Suite

One of the things Dr. Kelly prides himself in is his surgical ability. From spays and neuters to tumor removal, Dr. Kelly can perform a variety of surgeries in house. With vital sign monitoring systems, we can get real-time data on your pets vitals while under anesthesia during surgery. Both Isoflurane and sevoflurane anesthesia are available.


Laser Therapy

In recent years, the use of lasers as therapeutic remedies has become more common, not only in human medicine but also in veterinary medicine. Use of a therapeutic laser provides several benefits, including reducing pain, accelerating the healing process, and reducing inflammation. For more information on laser therapy and if its right for your pet, please call into the office and talk to Dr. Kelly! More information on laser therapy can be found at the following: 

Commonly Asked Questions

Common Uses for Therapy Lasers

Video Demonstration of Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy
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