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Wellness Care

The physical exam is a crucial tool to help determine and diagnose health issues but also help prevent them. A physical exam includes examining your pets body condition, eyes, ears, nose, lungs, heart, skin/hair coat/teeth, and all other major areas concerning your pets health. is a great resource to explain what any veterinarian is looking for during a check-up. The doctors will also discuss the recommended vaccinations for your pet based on its stage in life, health, and lifestyle.

Vaccinations are an essential part of a comprehensive wellness plan. The doctors will determine the best schedule and recommend vaccinations based upon your pets health history, age, and lifestyle. If you are not sure what your pet should have, or are anxious about picking the right ones or vaccinations in general, our doctors will help explain your options!

Core vaccinations for dogs include distemper, parvovirus, adenovirus, parainfluenza, and rabies. Leptospirosis, bordetella, and Lyme vaccinations are also available based on risk and lifestyle.

Core vaccinations for cats include herpes virus, calici virus, panleukopenia, and rabies. FeLV vaccination is available and is recommended for all cats that go outdoors, including indoor/outdoor cats, or cats that live with a fellow feline known to have FeLV. 


In-House Diagnostics

We are capable of running in-house diagnostic tests to help diagnose illnesses, screen patients prior to anesthesia to help ensure a safe surgery, and to monitor previously diagnosed diseases and medication therapies.  We have in-house IDEXX diagnostic machines capable of running CBCs, Chemistry panels, Urinalysis, thyroid levels, phenobarbital levels and more.

We can also test intraocular pressure to determine if your pet has glaucoma using a Tono Pen.

ECGs and blood pressure monitoring allow us to determine cardiac anomalies and conditions in addition to xrays.

While a thorough physical exam and bloodwork are pivotal tools to diagnosing illness, xrays and/or an ultrasound allow us to physically look into the body and observe abnormalities. From checking for broken bones, gastrointestinal foreign bodies or to evaluating a coughing pet, radiographs and ultrasound are an incredibly helpful diagnostic tool. 

Digital Radiography and Ultrasound


We offer elective surgeries such as spay and castration (neuter) for your pets. We do require a physical exam at our clinic and a current rabies shot prior to having surgery in our facility. Spay and neuter surgeries are performed in the morning and goes home later that afternoon. Your pet will be monitored under anesthesia by a technician and using vital signs monitoring systems that constantly monitors ECG/heart rate, Sp02, blood pressure, respirations, and body temperature. We offer isoflurane and sevoflurane inhalant anesthetics. 


We also offer other surgeries such as skin tumor removals, wound/laceration repair, bladder stone removal, and more. 


We do not perform orthopedic surgery but do offer referrals! 

Development of plaque and calculus are inevitable. Over time, bacteria is encased in a slime that slowly builds up on the tooth (plaque) that then mineralizes and shifts to a more destructive bacteria (calculus/tartar). This calculus leads to inflammation of the surrounding tissue, resulting in pain and discomfort, gum loss, and in severe cases tooth loss.

We will check your pets teeth during their examination and discuss what can be done at home to help improve oral health. If necessary, we may recommend that your pet have an anesthetic dental procedure, in which we hand scale, ultrasonic scale, and polish your pets teeth. Surgical extraction of teeth can also be performed if indicated. Prophylactic dental cleanings are recommended to help prevent disease from becoming severe and avoiding tooth loss. 

Dental Care

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